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Day 8

Good morning Croc Creek. As another day loomed large and having lived the high life the night before, the campers made their way to the clearing for the results of the vote on who would face the Critter Cube trial. Perhaps not to anyone’s surprise it was narrowed down to Jake and Jimmy with Jake just shaving the edge. He made light work of the tasks involved winning all ten stars so more food on the way.

Back in camp and the CIA faced their final challenge, to get everyone in the pool together for a bit of a party. No problem and Edwina seemed to positively enjoy being man handled by Jimmy in the process!

Then it was a case of the jig is up’ as Jake spilled the beans on the CIA missions. It was a very smug Vicki who turned to Michael and whispered, “You have to say I was right”. Any thought of recrimination melted away as one by one the celebrities opened their care packages which contained their luxury item and treats from home. In Vicki’s case a pink heart shaped cushion and a photograph of her daughter, husband, mum and sisters with the inscription ‘we are so proud of you’ saw our Vicki choking back the tears!

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