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Harp Lager - Sally O'Brien

Harp Lager – Long before Allo Allo hit our TV screens, Vicki found fame particularly in Ireland for her role as Sally O’Brien in the Harp Lager Ads. It was the way she might look at you! The ad saw Vicki tour the Emerald Isle visiting numerous pubs, was responsible for her first panto role in Cork and caused a major uproar when Taoiseach Charles Haughey announced that Sally wasn’t actually Irish!

Whitbread Best Bitter 1

Whitbread Best Bitter – Vicki could be frequently spotted in a variety of roles for the Abdulla Bulbul Ameer themed Whitbread Best Bitter ads 

Naughty French Wine

Naughty French Wine – Vicki joined forces with satirist, comedian and actor Willie Rushton to create this saucy advertisement for Naughty French Wine.

Sekonda Watches

Sekonda Watches – Vicki made a memorable appearance once again teaming up with Ronnie Barker for this Sekonda Watch ad in which she played  his welsh girlfriend Gwyneth! 

Whitbread Best Bitter 2

Whitbread Best Bitter 3

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