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Day 7

There were early rumblings in the jungle on day seven when Carl woke everyone at the crack of dawn by cracking twigs for the fire! He caught the rough edge of Vicki’s tongue for his efforts. Now we know it must have been early because Vicki is a really early bird and for her to complain….

Morale continued to take a downward turn as the morning progressed with Kendra announcing how bad she smelled. Vicki surprised everyone with the pearl of wisdom that eating sweet fruit, pineapple for example made your natural body odour smell better as a general rule and then was surprised herself when Kendra and Mel replied that eating pineapple also made men’s sperm taste sweeter! Eww really?

The mood cheered up considerably following Mel’s hugely successful bushtucker trial in Hell’s Kitchen resulting on the first food in the camp for several days. The younger girl’s conversation turned to sex, much to the boys surprise and surprising disdain. Looks like they can dish it out but can’t take it! Jimmy and Edwina initiated a little sing-song and everyone joined a keep fit session in readiness for the approaching feast.

Meanwhile, the CIA had been in action again, their task, having spent the afternoon in the hot tub was to dirty their clothes and get someone else to wash them! It has to be said, Vicki did a grand job supervising Mel who did all the hard work.

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