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Day 4

Moving on and Gemma finally joined the main camp as a result of Tinchy’s bushtucker trial. Safe to say Craig and Nadia were greatly relieved! Seems like our Vicki made a special effort to bond with Gemma but even she couldn’t make an impact on the TOWIE star who was later to walk. Meanwhile, Vicki turned her attention to more interesting things such as Jimmy’s attempts at entertaining the group with a fashion show, during which time Vicki was heard to say he looked like a girl. For Vicki’s money, Jimmy and Carl seem to be the jokers in the pack so far. Now not a lot of people know this but Vicki is not a night owl! So how would she fair staying up on watch for the stars from Nadia and Craig’s bunker ordeal. Well we’re not actually sure whether she was doing exercises to keep herself awake or practicing her twerking technique!

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