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Day 11

As the campers woke up to their 11th day, several questions needed to be answered. Where exactly were Jimmy and Foggy? When would they be back? Had they won any stars? Would Edwina and Kendra carry on where they left off with their row and what would transpire between Vicki and Mel?

The answers to the first three questions were easily resolved with Tinchy and Nadia dispatched in a rescue bid while the other campmates remained behind solving clues to help with said rescue and recover the stars won by Foggy and Jimmy.

The relationship front was a little more tricky for while Edwina and Kendra appeared to have moved on from their differences, Mel and Vicki are a volcano awaiting to erupt! We still can’t work out why Mel seems to have it in for Vicki but both are starting to bitch behind the scenes. Bottom line is, we can’t wait for tonight!

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