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Day 15

So, this was the day of reckoning when all the celebrities took part in the final Two Tribes Challenge better know as the Tomb of Terror. They were fighting for immunity from the first round of evictions. Vicki’s group the Galahs had something of advantage with more team members but nothing was taken for granted. Each celeb face incarceration in a tomb in complete darkness but they were not to be alone! Vicki was one of the first in and found herself accompanied by a number of rats. Was she phased? Absolutely not, completing the 15 minute task with apparent ease. The first three Galahs all triumphed with Nadia the first to succeed in lighting the lights on the tomb with the aid of her key. The Galahs went on to win all three elements of the challenge making them immune fro the first round of evictions on Monday evening. Congratulations Vicki, you have really proved yourself in our book.

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