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Brief Synopsis

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads was first broadcast in 1973 and was the hugely successful follow up to the equally successful Likely Lads. The storyline picks up some six years after the end of the first classic series with Rodney Bewes and James Bolam recreating their original roles as friends Bob and Terry.

The sequel finds Bob firmly established as the dutiful husband with Terry returning fresh from his exploits in the army and as ever reluctant to conform to the constraints of normal society. 

In the episode The Ant and the Grasshopper hardworking Bob is striving to provide a better future for himself and wife Thelma while simultaneously acting as financial benefactor to his less than conscientious friend Terry who is funding his playboy lifestyle as a result of Bob’s generosity. When Bob, Thelma and their friends meet Terry in an expensive nightclub, questions are inevitably asked not least as Terry is sparing no expense on his latest girlfriend, local cinema usherette Madelyn. It’s fair to say her stunning looks and winning personality cause a major distraction among the men and something of an irritation with their wives. 


Role – Madelyn

A flirtatious canny Geordie lass with looks and brains to match!


Bernard Thompson

Cast included

Bridget Forsyth, James Bolam, Rodney Bewes and Sheila Ferne

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