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Brief Synopsis

Set in rural Oxfordshire, Glenda is married to Robert. Nothing too remarkable about that except successful and wealthy businessman Robert has recently survived a horrific car crash and as a result, has abandoned his affluent lifestyle in order to devote his life to God in the form of an extremely pious Vicar. Struggling to make ends meet in her sudden role change from glamorous executive secretary to impoverished vicar’s wife, Glenda is forced to swap a life of lavish dinner parties and planning a family for dealing with the communities problems and organizing the local church fete!

In order to help cope with mounting debts and her abject frustration, she takes to writing saucy material for American magazines. Not surprisingly Robert finds this kind of activity totally unsuitable for a vicar’s wife and leaves Glenda to consider her situation while he departs on a month long seminar. With Robert out of the way, Glenda turns to her friends for solace and finds they too are all in need of a little cash boost. Enter Joe Carpenter, a millionaire lottery winner looking for the services of a vicar but it isn’t long before he offers the girls a solution to their problems….

Character Analysis

Glenda Parry is a soul in turmoil, clearly much better suited to the role of an executive secretary than that of a dutiful subservient vicar’s wife. She has reached the point of questioning her own identity and as such lives through the entire spectrum of emotions from joy and humour to despair and hopelessness, on a daily basis.


Chris Colby


Mark Elstob, Andrew Carter, Darren Clewlow, Glenda McKay, Nicola Boyce and Julie Buckfield.

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