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Brief Synopsis

When the leading lady of Hull based theatre company One Off Productions was forced to pull out of their latest show , The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas through ill health, producer Jonathan Parker knew exactly who to call for help. A major leading role to undertake at anytime, there was just one small problem, Vicki had just one week to learn and rehearse the part before opening night.

To quote the producer, “The result was nothing less than a triumph.”

The musical is based on the story by Larry L King with music and lyrics by Carol Hall and inspired by the real life shenanigans that took place at the Texan brothel known as The Chicken Ranch between the mid 1880’s and 1970’s. The Chicken Ranch was so called because the girls accepted payment in poultry from their clients during the depression. 

At the opening of the show, the story picks up in the final weeks of the ranches existence. The girls operate under the watchful eye of Miss Mona Stangley, a former ‘working girl’ who has inherited the establishment from its previous proprietor in her Will. With strict rules, principles and apparently certain high standards, preferring to call her girls sales staff, Miss Mona casts a metaphorical protective arm around her adopted family. 

Character Analysis

Herself a former working girl, Mona Stangley is held in high esteem by the men who frequent her establishment. Her standards are high and she commands respect both from her clients and her staff. With strict rules and high principles she gets that respect. With her girls her prime concern, Miss Mona is inclined to put their welfare above her own happiness. She is in short…a tart with a heart.


Jonathan Parker 

Cast have included

Simon Masterton-Smith, Louise English, Ian Angus Wilkie, Matthew Hewitt, Hayley Longhurst, Dave Lee, Richard Esdale, Rebecca Robinson, June Oldacre, Alcie Chater, Nicola Tee, Elloise Jones, Grace Link, Nova Skipp, Jacqueline Mason, Steve Wilks  Chris Nelson


The Hull Daily Mail


A very pro-fessional performance


Michelle brought a certain presence to the performance, she was strong throughout in her role of Miss Mona Stangley.......

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