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As Maxine in Stepping Out, Vicki creates an undisputed driving force among the local dance troupe. Sharp, shrewd and ever resourceful there is more to the character than meets the eye with her outward façade doing much to cover up a woman of immense insecurity and vulnerability.


Set in a dingy church hall, Stepping Out tells the story of nine women and one man in their quest to become competent tap dancers under the expert guidance of former professional performer Mavis Turner. Initially, the group appear to be attending merely to tone up tired muscles, perhaps shed a few pounds and generally have a good time. Certainly, what they lack in ability, they more than make up for in enthusiasm. 

However, as the lessons progress and the troupe improve enough to be invited to appear in a local charity show, the stress that mounts with the impending performance, initiates a number of startling revelations by the characters. 

Written by Richard Harris 

Directed by Chris Colby


Lynne – Elizabeth Ball

Rose – Miquel Brown

Sylvia – Victoria Bush

Vera – Su Douglas

Mavis – Anita Harris

Dorothy – Sue Hodge

Mrs Fraser – Audrey Leybourne

Andy – Glenda McKay

Maxine – Vicki Michelle

Geoffrey – Nik Stoter

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