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Brief Synopsis

Undoubtedly the Morse of it’s day, Softly Softly Task Force followed on from Z Cars and Softly Softly Softy during which time it was customary for guest stars to appear in only one episode of the series. However, Vicki played no less than three starring roles in Softly Softly Task Force.

Screened in the early 70’s, her first appearance came in series 2 playing Reen in Safe in the Streets. A real tough cookie if ever there was one, Reen was the girlfriend of the leader of a local group of would be vigilante who considered it their responsibility to rid the streets of undesirables. Unfortunately their idea of undesirable had racist overtones, was completely misguided and totally unacceptable in today’s world.

A year later, Vicki returned in series 3 as Rae, the girlfriend of a drugs dealer, and in series 5 as Wanda Harris, the girlfriend of yet another gangster, this time setting him up for a fall.

Directors Include

Kenneth Ives & Paul Ciappessoni

Cast included

Starring with her in the series were Stratford Johns, Frank Windsor and Norman Bowler.

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