Grand Opera House - York

It was another box office record breaking year in panto for Vicki in 2019 when she starred as the Wicked Queen Titania in Snow White at the Grand Opera House York.

Character Review

Wicked Queen Titania


A role she has always relished, it’s ten years since Vicki last played Wicked Queen and this portrayal was a real tour de force. Thoroughly evil, there was a wonderful air of dismissive disdain with which she dispatched her minions most notably Mark Little aka the Lord Chancellor of Trumpville. Together they created a magical on-stage rapport bringing out the very best (or worst) in their characters, a highlight of Act 1 undoubtedly being their duet of the Elvis Presley hit, Trouble. That was some top note Vicki! And I’d defy anyone not to be terrified by her unexpected threats over the audience from one of the opera house boxes, brilliantly bathed in deep red by lighting designer Magnus Leslie. A real wow factor cameo.  Not even the sight of ‘love’s true kiss’, delivered on this occasion by Snow White’s father, the King, nor banishment to the realms of the magic mirror brought a glimmer of remorse to this black hearted soul! The kids loved her!

Martin Daniels, teamed with Vicki for a 3rd pantomime season proved a magical Muddles in every sense while Steve Wickenden as Nurse Brexit, Jonny Muir as Prince Rudolph and Louise Henry as Snow White were ideally cast. Ben Fry as the Town Crier and indeed York’s real town crier, brought much to this production, proving himself an asset to the cast. Much praise should be heaped upon choreographer Emily Taylor and all the dancers in this show for their sharp, slick and unfaltering routines.

Traditional with a modern twist, the show was brilliantly written and directed by Chris Moreno who brought out the very best in his performers. This was a 5 star worthy show by Three Bears Productions


Chris Moreno

Cast include

Lord Chancellor of Trumpville as Mark Little, Martin Daniels as Muddles, Steve Wickenden as Nurse Brexit, Ben Fry as Town Crier, Jonny Muir as Prince Rudolph and Louise Henry as Snow White

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Playhouse Theatre - Weston Super-Mare

A truly magical experience awaited the sell out audiences as they arrived at The Playhouse Theatre in Weston-Super-Mare where Vicki was casting her evil spells as the Wicked Red Queen, Grizelda over Christmas 2009.

Character Analysis

Queen Grizelda


From the moment a mighty crash of thunder announced her arrival, Vicki’s commanding stage presence heralded a performance of scathing menace. Lines were delivered with a razor cutting edge as she systematically dismissed her servants for their incompetence and terrorised her subjects with equal wonderful relish and a stylish crack from her cat ‘o’ nine tails! Not even her trusty magic mirror escaped her wrath being smashed into a million pieces in a fit of rage. clever changes of voice from Regal tones to cackling hag, did much to encourage a barrage of screams and boos from the excited children in the auditorium. But the biggest response from the audience came with her conversion from evil to good, transforming into her iconic character of Yvette from Allo Allo, complete with trademark growl “Oooooh Rene” initiating a huge cheer and round of applause. A particular highlight of the performance came with her only solo musical contribution, Poker Face, delivered with great confidence and precision accuracy on the choreography.