Castleford Civic Centre

Vicki returned to her now familiar role of the evil Carabosse in Sleeping Beauty at Castleford Civic Centre in 2018 where she helped launch the town’s first professional pantomime for several years. Zombrana Entertainment’s new production provided a well-known mix of sing-a-long tunes, laugh out loud jokes, fabulous dance routines and dazzling costumes  creating a traditional family show.



Spencer K Gibbins – King Rene

Dave Rawson – Muddles

Georgia Gregory – Princess Rose

Jamie Tanner – Prince Harry 

Lorenzo Zambrana – Nanny Nora

Tracey Zambrana – Lilac Fairy

Theatre Royal - Lincoln

The origins of Sleeping Beauty are believed to go back to ancient Greece with early versions being particularly gruesome. The story with which we are now familiar is probably based on the adaptation by the Brother’s Grimm with the first pantomime version being staged at London’s Covent Garden.


Having swapped her regular visit to Pantoland in 2014 for a trip to the Australian jungle and an appearance in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Vicki was back on stage the following Christmas for her 26th pantomime starring as the deliciously vicious Malicious in Sleeping Beauty at Lincoln’s Theatre Royal.

Character Analysis

When it comes to wicked fairies, Vicki reigned supreme with Malicious pitching the role with just the right amount of fear without completely terrorizing the younger members of the audience.


Ian Dickens

Cast include

Martin Daniels delights as Muddles with the odd magic trick up his sleeve and Peter Amory cuts a very regal figure as King Nickolas. Completing the cast are Lucy Lavelle as Princess Beauty, Aston Dobson as Prince Valor, Steve Barclay as Nurse Nora and Emily Childs as Fairy So Good with Helen Gulston, Grace Cinque-White, Max Monroe, Steven Coggrave and members from the Janet Ashton School of Dance.

Stunning costumes and precision dance routines all contributed to make this a truly traditional family pantomime.

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Middlesborough Theatre

Lavish costumes, funny songs, fabulous voices and non-stop one-liners were very much the order of the day for the latest production of Extravaganza’s Sleeping Beauty at the Middlesborough Theatre. And for Vicki, this meant a diversion from her usual role as the evil Carabosse as she went head to head as the Lilac Fairy with former Allo Allo co-star Kim Hartman as Carabosse. 

Character Analysis

The Lilac Fairy

Teaming up with former Allo Allo star Kim Hartman, this radiant and sparkling Lilac Fairy proved a worthy adversary to Carabosse.


Richard Chandler & David Vickers

Cast include

The duo last appeared in panto together in Stockport on 2005 in the very same roles. All the traditional panto elements were there with Jangles the Jester (Scott Gallagher), whipping the audience into a frenzy and of course were some pretty spectacular exchanges between the two fairies but there was also a huge reaction to the transformation of Carabosse into a giant dragon that soared towards the audience.

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Harlequin Theatre - Redhill

2011 and the venue is The Harlequin Theatre, Redhill. Once again the pantomime is Sleeping Beauty and the role, Carabosse. Traveling with Vicki from last year’s cast was Mike Newman Jnr reprising his role as muddles with equally good results. All the tried and trusted panto elements remained from last year having been given the customary updates to keep them current while losing none of their sparkle or effect. Carabosse added a new Lady Gaga song to her repertoire, stopping the show with her dazzling rendition of Born This Way.

Character Analysis

A Regal and commanding Carabosse


Maurice Thorogood