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Brief Synopsis

A powerful psychological thriller set in the historic navel town of Portsmouth. Psychiatrist, Dr Catherine Benson is treating former Royal Navy Commander turned private detective John Duval, for post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by active service in The Falklands. When John’s friend engages him to investigate his wife whom he believes is having an affair, Duval finds himself thrown into the world of a psychopathic sexual killer, stalking women on the streets in the ‘silent hours’. Bizarrely the women being targeted appear to be connected to Duval’s own professional and private life!

Character Analysis

Role – Mary Woodward

Mary Woodward is a landlady with a seedy and questionable past. Granted the odd tenant might be grateful for her little ‘extras’ but just how good a judge of character is she? 


Mark Greenstreet

Cast Includes

Cast includes; 

James Webber Brown – John Duval

Hugh Bonneville – Commander William Calthorpe

Dervla Kirwan – DI Jane Ambrose

Susie Amy  - Rosemary Calthorpe

Indira Varma – Dr Catherine Benson

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