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Brief Synopsis

Salad Days was first produced in 1954 heralding the dawn of a new age of hope and optimism following the war years. Originally scheduled for a two week run, such was its popularity that it made musical theatre history, transferring to London’s West End for a 2,283 performance run. 

This Matthew Townshend 50th Anniversary production mirrored the eccentricity of the original show. Ingenious in design with lavish costumes, caricatured set and with a truly multi-talented cast led by Vicki Michelle in the hugely diverse roles of Lady Raeburn and Asphynxia.

It tells the tale of two young lovers Timothy and Jane, newly graduated from university with the whole world at their feet but still shackled to their respective families and under pressure from their parents to ‘do the right thing’. In Jane’s case to marry well and quickly, in Timothy’s to get a responsible job. The first problem is easily resolved by marrying each other and when in the park they meet a tramp with an old piano who offers to pay them in return for looking after the instrument for a month, they believe their worries to be over. However, all is not plain sailing when the young couple discover the piano to have magical powers as all who hear its enchanting strains are irresistibly urged to dance. A series of unexpected events follow and the adventure ends when the tramp returns to reclaim his property. Although sad to see her go, the youngsters are left full of hope for the future, the piano having worked its spell.

Character Analysis

Lady Raeburn

The quintessential aristocrat with a languid view on life, languid that is until it comes to her daughter’s future and taste in husbands! Enter the interfering mother


Seductive, sultry and alluring, nightclub artiste Asphynxia, guaranteed to intoxicate and charm.


Matthew Townshend

Cast have included

Tony Howes, Helen Power and Jamie Read.


Herald Express - South Devon.

Vicki Michelle of Allo Allo fame is the real star of the show as she puts in hilarious performances as both Lady Raeburn, Jane's Mother and Asphynxia, a night club singer.


Mid Devon Gazette.

Terrific Vicki Michelle, Tony Howes and the young couple, Helen Power and Jamie Read were involved in a wonderful revival.



Elegant in her NEW LOOK Vicki Michelle is both a glamorous Lady Raeburn and a svelte Asphynxia.


The Stage

The poignant but pertinent "We Don't Understand Our Children" gets a powerful delivery from Lady Raeburn (Vicki Michelle) and Timothy's mother Sarah Shepherd.


The Somerset County Gazette.

Vicki Michelle adds greatly to the bitchy fun of her Lady Raeburn in the hairdressing scene.


Manchester Evening News.

Vicki Michelle delivers her cameos as Lady Raeburn and Asphynxia determinedly.


Worthing Herald.

Vicki Michelle showed her usual high standard of dramatic acting as the glamorous Lady Raeburn

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