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Brief Synopsis

Taxi driver John Smith is a well-meaning sort of guy. Well he’s ‘a bit of a lad’ really but that’s what makes him so loveable. Actually he’s got a lot going for him;  hard-working, home-loving , easy-going and a devoted husband, just the sort of bloke you can rely on to be in the right place at the right time! So it all seems rather unfair that his world should spiral into chaos when he turns have-a-go hero to help an old lady in distress! Or is it? Is John really a simple happy man with a simple happy life? His wife in Finsbury thinks so but then, so does his wife in Southall! 

Chaos and mayhem ensues when the press and police become involved in John’s heroics and life becomes increasingly more complicated as he, with the help of best friend Gary, try to avoid major press coverage for his bravery, increasing interest in his identity and just about anything that might giveaway his multi-deceptions and lead to the end of his marital bliss! 

Character Analysis

Role – 

A delightfully disgruntled tourist from the north of England, with a short fuse when it comes to patience, particularly with her husband!

Vicki has been starring in Ray Cooney productions throughout her entire career, although ironically, never appeared in the stage play of Run For Your Wife. She puts this to rights by not only making an appearance in the film but taking on the role of its Executive Producer.


Ray Cooney

Cast Includes

Cast Includes; Danny Dyer, Denise Van Outen, Sarah Harding, Neil Morrissey, Kellie Shirley, Christopher Biggins, Lionel Blair, Ben Cartwright, Derek Griffiths, Jeffrey Holland, Nicholas Le Prevost, Louise Michelle, Carli Norris, Christopher Sweeney and Nick Wilton. 

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