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Connaught Theatre, Worthing

Brief Synopsis

The 2007 Proper Pantomime Company version of Robin Hood ran at the Connaught Theatre, Worthing from 7th December 2007 to the 6th January 2008 breaking box office records and was a traditional pantomime in every sense. Featuring all the expected requirements, one of its main strengths lay in a strong storyline based on a recognised legend which held the audience throughout.

Character Analysis

The Enchantress

Of course in time honoured fashion, good ultimately triumphs over evil with a little help from the enchantress of the forest, played by Vicki. And enchant she did, holding the audience spellbound with a glittering performance, the stage hers to command. 


Samantha Hughes

Cast include

Nathan Guy performed the pivotal role of Will Scarlet with boundless energy and quickly won the support of the enthusiastic audience with his added natural quick wit. Emma Gilmour & Nicola Weeks provided some melodic musical harmonies while Simon Davies put a new slant on the traditional pantomime baddie with a snape-like portrayal ultimately melted by the kindly and somewhat gentle Dame of Mitch Jenkins.

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