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Brief Synopsis

This production, which is a dark story of love, jealousy and control, saw Vicki work alongside real life daughter Louise Michelle in the roles of screen mother and daughter Amanda and Jessica Newman It was filmed on location in and around Elstree Studios, Borehamwood. Disapproving of her daughter’s choice of fiancé, Amanda sets out to deter Jessica from what she perceives to be a potentially disastrous marriage. 

Resentment abounds! Will Amanda’s fears prove justified and are her motives entirely unselfish? 

Character Analysis


Amanda Newman

Is Amanda the caring, loving mother she outwardly professes to be or is she intent on her controlling her daughter’s life to her own advantage? A portrayal that keeps you guessing to the end!


Paul Burton

Cast Includes

Louise Michelle, Emma Fletcher, Michelene-Philippe Heine, Justin Courtney, Perdita Lawton

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