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Vicki’s earliest television presenting work came as a host for various game shows one of which proved to be a forerunner of the immensely popular ‘It’s A Knockout’. The energy levels required for such shows stood her in good stead to co-host Children In Need, alongside Alan Titchmarsh, live from BBC’s Birmingham studios.

All live shows can prove challenging, particularly when of long duration and while the presenters in the London studio underwent frequent changes, Vicki and Alan remained constant throughout the entire evening over several hours.

With live updates fed to her through an ear piece, it was up to Vicki to respond instantly whether it be to rush outside the studio to interview those bringing in the latest donation, link to other outside broadcasts or back to London, mingle amongst the audience or introduce the various performers. The name of the game is to think on your feet and adapt quickly to any given situation 

while maintaining a calm air of normality for the camera, despite whatever happens! 

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