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Rated in the top three of the Park Theatre’s most popular productions during it’s first five years of existence, Vicki has portrayed the role of Lynnie/Marilyn Monroe in Hello Norma Jeane on two occasions to date.


Lynnie is a feisty, no-nonsense, ballsy granny, a little on the eccentric side, defiantly driven, with just a tad of fragility about her. She is desperate to reclaim her place in the spotlight before it’s too late but 

how would you react to a 70 something year old Grandmother from Essex trying to convince you she was in fact, 50’s icon Marilyn Monroe, having faked her own death back in the day and returned to set the record straight?!

This bitter-sweet play poses the question is this just the fantasy of a crazy old lady trying to escape the confines of her nursing home, or is she really Marilyn? 

A story of unconditional love, packed with emotion, self-belief and humour, Hello Norma Jeane has played to packed house and rave reviews. Directed by Matthew Gould.


Cast 2014  

Vicki Michelle - Lynnie

Jamie Hutchins - Joe

Aaron Blake - Bobby

Farrell Hegarty – Marilyn/Norma Jeanne/Carla


Cast 2015

Vicki Michelle – Lynnie

Jamie Hutchins - Joe 

Peter McPhearson – Bobby

Farrell Hegarty – Marilyn/Norma Jeanne/Carla

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