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Brief Synopsis

Gayle Tuesday is the comic creation of writer, presenter and comedienne Brenda Gilhooly. The character Gayle Tuesday was first awarded her own show with a series to follow in the late 90’s which she co-wrote with Nichola Hegarty. Although the original format of the programme followed that of a magazine chat show, the series incorporated a number of sketch items and musical interludes. Enter Vicki. 


Together with a group of leather clad beauties all bearing whips, the females lead by Vicki and played by Daniella Westbrook, Sara Cox and Kathy Lloyd devise a plot to overthrow and control the world establishing total female domination of rule. 

The mini serialization entitled Killer Bimbos ran over several episodes before finally being thwarted by heroine Gayle. 

Role – Vicki

A controlling leader of women and the very epitome of a dominatrix!


Simon Spencer

Cast Included

Brenda Gilhooley, Sara Cox, Daniella Westbrook and Kathy Lloyd

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