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Brief Synopsis

So far Dracula has only toured the country on one occasion but what a tour!! Based on the original Bram Stoker story, this is definitely not a play for the faint hearted, despite being a comedy. Not only are the special effects spooky in the extreme (particularly the decapitated dummy who spurts blood in the general direction of the front row, (Addams Family style), but the entire audience, are on arrival at the theatre included as members of the cast. For anyone who loves audience participation this play is a must.


As a warm up, Mina leads everyone in a communal sing-song and having established their identity as village folk, takes them on a vampire survival course. During the course of the play this necessitates eating raw garlic, brandishing gingerbread crucifixes, standing on garlic-impregnated doormats and hurling garlic rocks (made from foam) at the vampires in a final battle.


Despite these efforts the vampires have designs of their own on the villagers in the hopes of making new recruits. No one is safe even during the interval, when audience members are literally chased through the auditorium and bar by over zealous vampires. 

Character Analysis

The quintessential Victorian maiden, demure and ladylike. They say once bitten…. But not in Mina’s case whose transformation to vampire is a revelation to behold! Puts a whole new meaning on the term Vamp!


Alan Cohen


Leslie Grantham, Claire Dallison, Micky O’Donoughue, Tony Wilder, Ian Kirkby, Fay Rusling and Jon Darrel.

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