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Brief Synopsis

Don’t Rock the Boat first took to our television screens in February 1982. A popular sitcom of the early Golden Age, it told the story of Jack Hoxton, a middle-aged widower and owner of a local boat yard run with the aid of his two sons, Les and Billy. All appears to go smoothly in this male dominated world until Jack announces his marriage to a former magician’s assistant and chorus girl who is barely older than his sons!

Appearing in the third episode, Combat Fatigues, Jack’s new wife is still adapting to her new role as wife and step mum as Janet (Vicki) and friends arrive at the boatyard to hire a boat.

While the boys mistake Janet as easy prey, this characterization quickly proves them wrong, proving that women can have brains as well as beauty. Intelligent and a real tough cookie, Janet is definitely a force to be reckoned with!


Mark Stuart

Cast included

Nigel Davenport, Sheila White, David Jansen and John Price.

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