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Brief Synopsis

Written by Ted Willis and Based on the Richard Gordon books, Dr In The House Dr in the House revolves around the lives of a group of medical students, nurses, dragon of a matron, college porter, eccentric professor and extraordinary landlady.

The storyline rattles along at a pace depicting the many ups and downs, happy triumphs, love affairs, brave failures and parties of this happy band, many of whom live under the same roof.

Character Analysis

Role – Vera

Played with great verve, joie de vivre and a certain amount of je ne sais quoi, Vera is the French fiancée of medical student Tony.

Vicki has twice starred as Vera taking this hugely popular comedy play on tour all over the UK and playing to packed house in summer season.


Paul Elliott and Tudor Davies

Casts Include

Robin Askwith, Frazer Hines, Nicholas Smith, Lynette McMorrough, Brian Cant, Ted Rogers, Deborah Watling, Melissa Bell, Peggy Sinclair and Windsor Davies.

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