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With Jo’s divorce well and truly settled, best friends Vicki and Julie decide it’s high time she was back on the dating circuit and they’re going to do their damnedest to make sure it happens.


Unlike a conventional play, Hormonal Housewives is an ingenious mix of audience interaction, jokes and brilliantly crafted reality sketches with a back story loosely based around the lives of the actors who perform them. 


The show is primarily targeted at women aged 40, 50 and beyond with something in the script that everyone can relate to, even those brave men in the audience!

No stone is left unturned and no subject considered sacred as the trio prepare for their night out with cocktails and conversation encompassing; wine, men, sex, waxing, keep fit, social media, chocolate, celebrity gossip, therapy, more wine, more chocolate, moody teenagers, staying in, going out… you name it…


Inventive, energetic, packed with neatly choreographed dance moves and what can only be described as beautifully timed gymnastic attempts, Hormonal Housewives is hilarious from start to finish.


Leading the cast, Vicki relates to her life experiences with a glint in her eye and customary trademark comedy timing, not to mention some slick dance moves!


As co-writer and co-star Julie Coombe is a natural comedienne who knows how to get the most from her script, while Jo Partridge adds to the mix as the newly created divorcee.


With 70 performances in 63 venues over 69 days, this cast deserves every single one of the brilliant accolades it has received over its epic sell-out tour.


Directed by David Janson for Red Entertainment.

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