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Day 10

So day ten and it seems some of our campmates got out of the wrong side of the camp bed this morning! While Vicki continued to review the situation from a distance, Edwina and Kendra locked horns in a full-blooded row with Kendra unleashing a whole tirade of abuse at the former MP. Surprised? Maybe not but definitely uncalled for. Were our campers finally beginning to feel the effects of days without food and a decent night’s sleep?

Meanwhile, Foggy and Jimmy headed off into the bush for a night in the Shed of Dread in a bid to win food. The only question to be answered was would the celebs left at camp offer to give up their luxury items in order to shorten their colleagues ordeal?

Vicki was one of the first to surrender her item, a pencil. But it wasn’t an ordinary pencil, it was eyeliner. Now for reasons best known to Mel, this seemed to annoy her beyond what you might expect, sparking a hissy fit directed at Vicki. Not a good idea Mel, you don’t want to upset the Vickster!

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