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Day 5

Daybreak on day five. Little did they know it but they were about to hit an all-time low on the morale front. As Jimmy and Kendra prepared for their bushtucker trial, Craig was given the devastating news that his brother Dean had died of a heart attack the night before. The campers were visibly shaken as they tried to help Craig come to terms with his loss prior to leaving for home. An emotional Vicki said he was a "huge loss" to the camp, adding: "He was a lovely personality, cheeky chappy and we're all going to miss him, we got really upset."

It was a rollercoaster of a day for the campmates who were later treated to their first feast with Jimmy and Kendra completing all the elements of their bushtucker trial which necessitated them making a visit to the Terror Tavern, where they sampled such delights as Ostrich foot, pigs eyes, Bushbuck penis and the ever popular live wichety grubs! It was all worth it though as they even manage to secure a bonus alcoholic drink for everyone.

Meanwhile, back in camp, Mel and Michael embarked on a Dingo Dollar Challenge, involving a treasure trail style hunt for the loot. Swag in hand they arrived at Keith’s kiosk and chose to exchange their hard earned dosh for a ration of chocolate brownies. All it needed was their fellow campers to answer one simple question down the phone line and supper would be complete. Fair to say there was much deliberation but triumph resulted and it was down to head chef Mel to start the cooking. As Vicki explained, Mel Does most of the cooking because she’s best at it. Mmm well she’s certainly good at giving out instructions as Vicki found to her cost as she was barked at. Nevertheless she kept her cool until Kendra suggested if Vicki didn’t want her alcohol she might like to hand it over. Bad move Kendra! There came a firm reply, “In Your Dreams.” That’s’ more like it Vicki.

If that wasn’t enough excitement for one day, Vicki was later to be seen rapping one of Tinchy’s songs is she the budding new rap star of the future was it simply the booze?

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