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Day 18

The campmates have said goodbye to Nadia while Vicki’s fans are doing a sterling job keeping her in the jungle. Once again the group found it difficult to decide who would do the bushtucker trial but eventually decided on Foggy who cam good with the food. Vicki and the rest of the team were put under the leadership skills of Michael and Mel who put them to work at various tasks. In Vicki’s case, it was her responsibility to tidy up the camp and help make paper chains along with the others. Foggy was later designated the task of cooking with the help of the others which clearly upset Mel who even had a little nibble at Vicki over her chopping skills. This time Vicki wasn’t about to take it lying down and politely pointed out that she had been cooking for a long time!

Then it was off to Snake Rock for an office Christmas party with a difference. Booze, lights, decorations, music and dancing with a toast to absent friends especially as Vicki pointed out, Craig. It was to be Michaels final farewell as he became the third celebrity to be voted out of the jungle.

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