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Day 17

It was down to the celebrities to decide who would do the bushtucker trial on the 17th day in camp and Vicki and Michael decided to take things into their own hands. As Vicki pointed out, only she, Michael and Nadia had not completed a trial so there it was, Vicki put her foot down!, although Foggy wasn’t too keen on the idea that the two ‘pensioners’ would undertake the task.

Vicki and Michael arrived in the trial clearing where they were strapped to the Deadly Dunker, a large rotating wheel which dunked the celebs into a tank of putrid water and critters as one of them tried to retrieve some balls from the bottom of the tank and the other lobbed the said balls into a net. Vicki was the designated grabber but was she up to it? Of course she was and the dynamic duo took 7 out of the 9 stars back to camp, proving the oldies still have it in them!

Meanwhile, Jake and Kendra were sent on a Dingo Dollar Challenge and although they completed their end of the bargain, the rest of the camp mates failed to answer the all important question correctly so there were no digestive bickies for supper last night!

However, there were letters form home to look forward to but like everything else in the camp, they had to be earned. Each celeb took it in turns to complete a memory test on behalf of a partner and if successful, the partner received their letter. Sadly for Vicki, Michael didn’t quite measure up and her letter was shredded although she did manage to win and read out Michael’s letter from his grandchildren, even if the emphasis was heavy on penis’s!

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