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Day 16

Eviction day one arrived and although Vicki was immune owing to the Galahs winning the Two Tribe Challenge, there was no letting up in camp as everyone was out to impress. While the four eviction nominees elect were sent off to do a bushtucker trial Vicki and Michael took a gentle stroll into the jungle for the latest Dingo Dollar Challenge. Now we thought Vicki had said she wasn’t able to do panto this year, owing to her trip down under but when we saw her with Michael dress as a huge parrot with spindly yellow legs, we wondered if we had misunderstood her! The task was simple enough! Michael gingerly edged his way out on a wire, spanned across a deep ravine, arriving at various birdhouses with bird calls therein. All Vicki had to do was match his bird call to those placed in giant cuddly birds in front of her (in the right order) and there you have it! No problem for an actress whose life is about remembering and ordering lines. Dingo Dollars in hand, it was off to see Kiosk Keith and exchange the cash for some much fancied cheese and crackers. The remaining campmates obliged by answering the question correctly so it was cheese and bickies all round after dinner!

It was a buoyant camp that went to bed that night but the early morning light was to bring unexpected bad news for on them. The first celebrity to leave the camp was the previous favourite to win, Jimmy Bullard!

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