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Day 13

Now we don’t want to boast but day 13 was Vicki’s day to shine! Together with Nadia, Michael and Jimmy Vicki undertook the daily challenge in which the four were put into individual boxes and required to stop two clock dials, situated either side of them from hitting the top of the target. Simple enough but there was also the added distracted of a light situated outside the box. Each time the light lit, the celebrities were required to lift a coloured paddle in order to stop their team-mates from getting an electric shock! Sadly for Vicki, she received several jolts but it didn’t deter her. Nadia was soon out but Vicki battled on to the end of the test being the only member of the Galah tribe with a chance of saving their bacon. With the deciding question being how long had the challenge taken, Vicki guessed nearest, not only securing all the food for the Galahs from the day’s trial but also winning over another tribe member. After much debate and a tactical discussion the girls chose Michael!

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