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Day 12

After yesterday’s fractious events, day 12 was a little calmer. Vicki and Edwina had a bit of fun larking around with Jimmy, several old jokes were cracked Michael learned to rap and … the rain returned.

More importantly Edwina and Kendra buried their differences to win 6 stars in the bushtucker trial but not everyone was to benefit from their efforts. The camp was subsequently divided into two camps, the Galahs (the girls) and the Wombats (the boys). Said tribes were given an endurance task to perform which the boys won on a tie-break. They opted to invite Mel into their gang, leaving Vicki and Edwina in charge of the cooking! Suffice it to say, Mel was missed. More vitally Mel was also immune from eviction so it was crucial that the Galahs win the daily challenge on day 13 to even things up a bit.

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