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Brief Synopsis

When their truck haulage business begins to slip rapidly into financial decline, Norman and Stanley decide to sell their company to two foreign buyers and retire to Spain. In order to secure the deal they decide to book a suite in a plush London hotel and at the request of their clients, include two high-class ladies of the night as a little late evening diversion for after the deal is completed.


All appears to be going well until the escort girls cancel and Stanley and Norman's wives, Hilda and Rose arrive unexpectedly. Naturally, in true comedy style they are mistaken by the foreign buyers as the evenings entertainment. In order to save the deal, the wives decide to play along much to the dismay of their respective husbands but when the real agency girls turn up due to a change in events, chaos ensues. 

Character Analysis

A practical, no nonsense, down to earth and forthright northern lass. Loyal and determined.


John B Hobbs


Carol Harrison, Ken Morely, Gorden Kaye, Keith Drinkel, Daniel Kruyer, Suzie Chard and Sally Chattaway.

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