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Brief Synopsis

The age-old story of Beauty and the Beast has been told in many forms over many years. This British musical version was staged as a Summer Season Musical at the Landmark Theatre in Devon.

The basis of the storyline varies little from the Disney version we are so familiar with today. A poor and weary merchant traveller is making his way home and stumbles upon a deserted castle where he takes refuge from a raging storm. As he rests, he is tended upon by invisible forces unbeknown to him initiated by the Princess Aurora. But when he decides to repay his hostesses kindness by stealing a single red rose from her domain, a fearsome beast appears with a terrifying forfeit. Little does our traveler realize the Princess Aurora has an evil alta ego equally as terrifying as the spells she chants.

Character Analysis

As Princess Aurora appears kind and benevolent her alta-ego Bathsheba is first seen to be eccentric. This quickly changes as we see the true extent of her wicked nature and the madness that lies beneath.


Steve Shappelle

Cast have included

Paul Burnham, Emma Barton, Douglas Mounce, Jayne Nesbitt, Martin Wimpress, Danielle Campbell-Scott, Jonathan Bryn-Williams, Ryan Keeton, Samantha Johnson, Kirsty Johnson, Amber Nicholls, Hannah Nicholls

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