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Brief Synopsis

Written by Dylan Costello and Lee Saunders, AppyEverAftR is a new TV comedy/drama pilot which took to the stage at The Tristan Bates Theatre in London’s Covent Garden for a rehearsed reading on the 3rd November 2014. The plan, to develop the project into a series for a UK TV network.

The plot revolves around eight lost and lonely souls from the seaside town of Brighton, all strangers and all looking for that elusive special someone to spend the rest of their lives with and

connected only by their profiles on a smart phone dating app, AppyEverAftR.

With the help of just one little technological device, we are taken on a journey through everyone’s joys, pains, misunderstandings, lusts, rejections and blossoming feelings experienced on their individual dates and posing the question, can true love really be only one click away?

A Giant Cherry Production

Character Analysis

A feisty cougar battling ageism and loneliness. 


Dylan Costello


Louise Michelle, Arron Blake, Farrel Hegarty, James Hutchins, David Fernandez, Barry Glennon, Sian Hutchinson, Vincent Kerschbaum, Meg McNaughton, Ian Rixon and Sanjiv Hayre.

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