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Brief Synopsis

The rags to riches story of little orphan Annie must be heralded as the ultimate feel good musical of all time. It has everything; comedy, pathos, spectacular contrasting sets and a wonderful musical score. Add to this a bunch of talented youngsters and a highly experienced cast of top musical performers and you simply can't fail.


To date, Vicki has performed the role of Miss Hannigan in three separate productions, receiving great critical acclaim for each. 

Theatre Royal - Lincoln, The Marlowe - Canterbury and The Gordon Craig Theatre – Stevenage.

Annie tells the tale of a baby girl abandoned and left to grow up in a New York Orphanage during the great depression, under the dubious care of the gin soaked spinster Agatha Hannigan whose tyrannical grasp over the child is finally loosed and broken by the billionaire business tycoon Oliver Warbucks. 


Sending his personal secretary Grace Farrell to the orphanage, in order to invite an orphan to stay for Christmas, Warbucks soon realises that Annie is what his life has lacked and arranges to adopt her. His plans are almost dashed when Annie announces she is waiting for the day her real parents return for her. Wanting Annie's happiness at any cost, Warbucks pledges to find them for her enlisting the help of the FBI and the President of the United States along the way. Meantime the infamous Miss Hannigan recently reunited with her brother Rooster after his release from jail, and his girlfriend Lily devise a plan to deceive Warbucks into believing Rooster and Lily are the missing parents with the despicable Miss Hannigan providing the proof, thus putting the trio on easy street by means of Warbucks substantial reward. Fortunately good triumphs over evil and their plans are thwarted when it is discovered that Annie's real parents are in fact dead. And so the way is left clear for Warbucks to adopt Annie after all thus providing the perfect happy ending.

Character Analysis

Simply despicable! A lazy, devious, cruel, tyrannical bully/floozy with a passion for gin, Aggie is caretaker of a New York City girls orphanage. She absolutely  despises children, particularly little girls. When not under the influence of alcohol, she spends much of her time flirting with every man who comes within 50 feet of her and the orphanage!

Directors Include

Chris Colby, Eric Potts, Scott St Martin

Cast have included

Simon Masterton-Smith, Louise English, Ian Angus Wilkie, Matthew Hewitt, Hayley Longhurst, Dave Lee, Richard Esdale, Rebecca Robinson, June Oldacre, Alcie Chater, Nicola Tee, Elloise Jones, Grace Link, Nova Skipp, Jacqueline Mason, Steve Wilks  Chris Nelson

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