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Brief Synopsis

Allo Allo first hit our TV screens in December 1982. Created by the writing partnership of Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft in what was considered by many to be the golden age of the sitcom, it was reportedly based on the BBC drama series Secret Army. Set in war torn France the story is centred on French café owner Rene Artois (played by Gorden Kaye), his long suffering wife Edith (Carmen Silvera), mother-in-law Madame Fanny (Rose Hill) together with the café waitresses including Yvette played by Vicki, who all find themselves thrust by default into the very forefront of the Resistance escape route. The programme ran for ninety two episodes in nine series over ten years before finally bowing out in 1992.


It has sold to over eighty different countries, been translated into countless languages and is currently enjoying a whole new audience as a result of constant re-runs worldwide. Quite simply Allo Allo has become one of the most successful and popular sitcoms of all time.


Offered her role as a result of impressing the writers while playing the part of a French robot maid in one of Croft and Lloyd’s earlier series Come Back Mrs Noah, Vicki was the obvious first choice for the character Yvette although she did also read for the role of Michelle of the Resistance, the role ultimately being played by Kirsten Cooke.

It was some 18 months from the pilot screening until the recording of the first series when public demand took over and the rest, as they say, is history.



Yvette Carte-Blanche

The beautiful Yvette is one of several waitresses to be employed at Café Rene and also Rene’s favourite mistress!

Devoted and loyal to Rene to the last, Yvette’s love knows no bounds. Seductive, resourceful and hard working, she will stop at nothing to please her man!  

Directors Include

David Croft, Martin Dennis, John B Hobbs, Richard Boden, Susan Belbin, Robin Carr, Sue Longstaff and Mike Stephens

Regular Cast and Characters Include

Rene Artois – Gorden Kaye

Edith Artois – Carmen Silvera

Yvette Carte-Blanche – Vicki Michelle

Mde Fanny La Fan – Rose Hill

Monsieur Leclerc – Jack Haig, Derek Royle, Robin Parkinson

Monsieur Alfonse – Kenneth Conner 

Mimi Labonq – Sue Hodge

Maria – Francesca Gonshaw

Michelle of the Resistance – Kirsten Cooke

Officer  Crabtree – Arthur Bostrom

Col Von Strohm – Richard Marner 

Capt Hans Geering – Sam Kelly

Lieutenant Gruber – Guy Siner

Herr Otto Flick – Richard Gibson, David Jansen

Von Smallhausen – John Louis Mansi 

Private Helga Geerhart – Kim Hartman 

General Von Klinkerhoffen – Hilary Minster

Capt Bertorelli – Gavin Richards, Roger Kitter

Flying Officer Fairfax – John D Collins

Flyin Officer Carstairs – Nicholas Frankau

Louise – Carole Ashby

Henriette – Phoebe Scholfield

Denise – Moira Foot

General Von Flockenstuffen – Ken Morely

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