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By the mid-eighties, Allo Allo had reached cult status on television and a stage version of the series had been written also by David Croft and Jeremy Lloyd. 

The play toured all over the UK, Australia and New Zealand smashing box office records everywhere it went including London’s West End where it was staged twice at the London Palladium, Prince of Wales and Dominion theatres. Vicki continued to play the resourceful, hardworking, seductive and devoted Yvette while an original storyline was devised for the stage version.

The original production was directed by Peter Farago


Gorden Kaye, Carmen Silvera, Arthur Bostrom, Richard Gibson, Sue Hodge, Guy Siner, Kim Hartman, Jack Haig, Kirsten Cooke, Richard Marner, Gavin Richards, Roger Kitter, Howard Leader, Robin Parkinson, Hilary Minster, Jan Hunt, David Kincaid, Sherry Plant, Maya Woolfe, Nicola Boyce, Simon Rawlings, Ian Swann, Peter McCulloch, Hugh Burns, Tony Parkin and Damon Jeffrey 

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Brief Synopsis

The 25th Anniversary Calibre stage production of Allo Allo opened at the Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage on the 29th August to a packed house, howls of laughter and thunderous applause. It was the kind of First Night every actor dreams of and well founded as the show continued to attract near capacity audiences and similar response throughout its initial three month run across the UK. This not only emphasized the iconic status to which Allo Allo has risen but reinforces the fact that the comic genius of Lloyd and Croft’s creations are able to transcend the boundaries of political correctness and time and simply make their audience laugh out loud.

Such was the success of this tour that the show visited a further eighteen venues nationwide throughout 2009. The new production used the original stage script of the 1980’s, which enjoyed great success both in London’s West End and on tour around the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Only Vicki, reprising her role of Yvette remained from the original cast. She did so with as much energy and sex appeal as she had done twenty-five years ago prompting many critics to write that for her, ‘time appears to have had stood still’. 


James Robert Carson

Casts Include

Jeffrey Holland, Judy Buxton, Claire Andreadis, Oliver Beamish, Martin Carroll, Allix Holland, Matt Jamie, Nell Jellram, Corinna Marlowe, Carol Ann Crawford, Mark Pearce, James Rossman, Richard Tate, Robert Whelan and Rebecca Gross.

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