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Brief Synopsis

The powerful and controversial drama All in the Game, is written by Tony Grounds and set within the ruthless world of top league football. It reveals a no holes barred look behind the scenes of the day to day running of a Premiership club from the dugout  to the boardroom, where money, power and corruption are the driving forces.

  All in the Game centres around local hero and club manager Frankie who apparently harbours three passions in life: - his family, the club to which he has devoted his life’s work and the fantastically affluent lifestyle it has afforded him. When expensive signings fail to deliver, questions are inevitably asked. For some time, Frankie has been happy to reap the benefits of his collaborative underhand dealings with his son Martin, seemingly oblivious to the potential ultimate implications of his actions from within his utopian existence. However, when manipulation promises to provide Frankie with a fortune making scam, greed and temptation prove too great to resist. No one is exempt form the fraudulent and blackmailing negotiations from the club’s star player or team doctor to the Chairman’s P.A. Only the Chairman himself and Frankie’s wife Emma appear to be in total ignorance of the events surrounding them. 

Character Analysis

Role – Emma

The East End girl made good. Devoted wife, mother and grandmother, intelligent and attractive but with an incredulous naivety where her husband and son’s underhand dealings are concerned.


Jim O'Hanlon

Cast Includes

In an all star cast that included Ray Winstone as Frankie, Roy Marsden, Danny Dyer, Idris Elba, Nicola Stephenson and Vicki’s real life sister Ann Michelle

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