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Brief Synopsis

Following on from the much loved feature Alfie, Alfie Darling sees our loveable rogue in a brief attempt to turn over a new leaf! He has got himself a new job as an HGV long-distance lorry driver but far from distracting him from his old womanising ways, Alfie discovers his latest occupation actually provides ample new opportunities for seduction, not least with a built in love nest in the back of his cab! That is until he meets his love match in Abby , a successful, sophisticated magazine editor. But will Alfie’s past come back to haunt him and will he ever have that happy ever after?

Character Analysis

Role - Bird

Beauty and brains by the bucket load for Alfie’s latest love interest. Seductive and engaging and she’s not backward in coming forward either!


Ken Hughes

Cast Includes

Joan Collins, Jill Townsend, Hannah Gordon, Rula Lenska, Sheila White and Alan Price 

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