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Brief Synopsis

Sam is happily married to the love of his life, Zara. Soul mates, the couple are blissfully happy apart from one nagging, recurring question in Sam’s mind, who and where is his real mother? Encouraged by his wife, Sam sets out to find her and despite readying himself for what he believes could be the outcome, nothing prepares him for what lies ahead.

Love, lies, deceit, incest and more are all in evidence in this gripping feature. As Zara’s marriage starts to suffer as a result of Sam’s behavior, she returns home to live with her mother Catherine, sister Lisa, and step-father Keith, all of whom are dragged deeper and deeper into the intrigue. It’s not immediately obvious but Catherine’s life has been far from a bed of roses, making her the perfect shoulder for Zara to cry on.

Character Analysis


Every inch the caring mother, this portrayal is both naturalistic and poignant.


Donna Taylor

Cast Includes

Louise Michelle, Donna Taylor, Steve Collins, Lynda Bellingham, Michael Peluso, Senel Karava, Saffron Sprackling, Belinda McGuirk, Anthony Adjekum, David Rubin, Sharon D. Clarke and Julie Vickers.

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