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Brief Synopsis

Created by Brian Clemens, when The Professionals first took to the air, it was considered by many of its critics to be too violent with one episode having to be pulled completely. However, this did not stop the series reaching cult status with the approval of the National Viewers and Listeners Association together with millions of adoring fans. The programme still enjoys numerous reruns on TV. 


The storyline follows the exploits of CI5 criminal intelligence agents Bodie and Doyle, played by Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw together with their equally tough superior George Cowley, played by Gordon Jackson. 


Vicki was to make two guest appearances in the show, the first in the opening episode of series two entitled Hunter/ Hunted in which she played Jo, the somewhat tipsy and vague blind date of Bodie. 

Her second came in series five in the episode The Untouchables. Here she was seen portraying the role of Tina, the beautiful and charming hostess and girlfriend of a notorious gambling hustler played by John Junkin.


Anthony Simmons, William Brayne

Casts Included

Gordon Jackson, Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins, John Junkin, Cheryl Kennedy, Bryan Marshall, Tony Caunter and Diana Western.

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