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Unlike the lives of the characters the actors portray, the premise of the Naked Truth is simple. Six women with six different stories to tell all attempting to battle their adversities and improve self- esteem by means of pole dancing classes! 

Pivotal to the story is Sarah, played by Vicki, whose plight ultimately touches all those she comes into contact with.

Sarah has recently won a battle with breast cancer, but it has left her with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence in just about every department. Initially timid and withdrawn, she blossoms and grows from a shrinking violet into a prize-winning bloom, displaying out-pourings of emotion hitherto buried deep within. Anger, frustration, fear, determination, passion, dignity and resignation all bubble to the surface from this immensely touching character.

At times outrageously funny, at times poignant and at times, heart wrenchingly sad, The Naked Truth is billed as a play about women, for women.

Sexually explicit and scattered with expletives, Dave Simpson’s script is perhaps not for the feint hearted but for those of us who live in the real world, it’s a joyous journey packed with laughter, tears and emancipation,

realistically addressing many of the issues women have to face in life including: infidelity, abuse, rejection, weight problems, poor self-esteem, single parenting and breast cancer. This play touches the soul of all who see it. 

Faye Tozer, Eve Burley, Amy Drake and Louise Michelle

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