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Brief Synopsis

During her career, Vicki has worked with the cream of British comedy including the late great Les Dawson. In addition to regular appearances on Blankety Blank during his reign as host, she also worked alongside Les in a number of series of The Les Dawson Show for the BBC taking on a variety of roles and in two series of the Dawson Watch as Les’s glamorous assistant, Sandra.

The Dawson Watch was set in it’s own headquarters from which it offered advice, via Les, to the general public on numerous topics including; entertainment, the environment, love and marriage, the media, health, crime, education and much more. 

With Sandra proving a somewhat attractive addition to the workforce, it comes as no surprise she was often the target of lecherous advances from her boss and while these would now unquestionably be decreed as not PC, they did prove a popular addition to the script back in the day. Filmed several years before Allo Allo, the young Vicki showed herself to be a good comic foil for Dawson and their on screen exchanges did much to enhance proceedings.


Peter Whitmore

Cast Included

Les Dawson and Debbie Blythe

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