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SPACE 1999

Brief Synopsis

An excursion into the world of science fiction came early in Vicki’s career when she appeared in an episode of the cult Gerry and Sylvia Anderson series Space 1999.


The storylines are based around Moonbase Alpha and its inhabitants who are catapulted into interstellar space as a result of an explosion in lunar nuclear waste dumps. Unable to return to Earth’s orbit and with all communications severed, the crew is forced to drift through space looking for a new home.


Appearing in the episode entitled The Taybor. Vicki plays the role of a space technician who becomes entangled in the dealings of a larger than life alien trader.


Bob Brooks

Cast included

During the height of its popularity, the programme attracted a host of well-known guest stars including; Joan Collins, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in addition to cast regulars Martin Landau, Barbara Bain, Tony Anholt, Barry Morse and Catherine Schell. 

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