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Vicki first became aware of the condition Asperger Syndrome when she received a letter from a parent of a seven-year-old boy who was struggling with several of the symptoms of the condition but responded well when taken to see the actress in a live performance. She immediately contacted the family with a view of helping, a commitment that led to the release of the DVD Asperger Syndrome – A Helping Hand. Presented, co-written and co-produced by Vicki, largely in a documentary style, the DVD does not directly relate the boy’s story but it does address several problems he and those around him encountered during his childhood and adolescence, providing simple strategies and possible solutions on how to cope, many of which are depicted in scenarios performed by the actress and a group of young actors. 

The DVD was sponsored by The Child Development Centre in Kempston, The Bedford Charity, The Hutchinson Family Charitable Trust and Vicki Michelle with grateful thanks to Dr Meher Pocha, Consultant Paediatrician and Val Burgess, Teacher and Autism / Asperger Syndrome Advisor for their professional input. The resource was highly endorsed by one of the world’s leading Asperger Syndrome experts, Professor Tony Attwood.

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