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The Hippodrome - Birmingham

Brief Synopsis

Well over 100 years old, Mother Goose is rarely seen on the panto circuit these days. That said the Qdos production of 1996/97 at Brimingham’s Hippodrome did much to rectify it’s lack of popularity. Boasting one of the UK’s biggest Christmas shows, it did not fail to deliver. Lavish sets, sparkling costumes, slick and spectacular transformation scenes and a star studded cast, it was truly a production to match those of the famous London Palladium in it’s panto heyday.

Character Analysis

Role Fairy Virtue

Glamorous, enchanting and the very epitome of the classic Good Fairy, in this case living up to her given name of Fairy Virtue. She obviously relished her battles of wit over the henous Demon Vanity played by Robert Duncan


Carol Todd

Cast include

The Chuckle Brothers caused comic mayhem as Bish and Bash ably aided and abetted by Andy Crane as Billy Goose while Matthew Kelly firmly established himself as one of our finest Dames in the title role. Magician Russ Stevens supplied breathtaking illusions with Suzanne Dando and Bruce Roberts providing the romantic interest.

Noel Butler as Priscilla Goose, Ian Sandy as The King and youngsters from the Birmingham Stage School completed the cast with a guest appearance from the White Power Ranger.

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