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Taking to the stage with another of her customary high energy performances in Funny Money, Vicki portrayed the seemingly predictable everyday housewife Betty but who knew she was suppressing an adventurous, high spirited tigress prepared to go to any lengths (including husband swapping), to spice up her life!


Henry Perkins is a mild-mannered creature of habit, an accountant, predictable and reliable, living in modest suburbia! So, when he arrives home uncharacteristically late for his birthday dinner having apparently undergone what appears to be a complete personality change, his wife Jean is naturally concerned. Even more so when he insists she packs immediately for a trip to Barcelona. Upon interrogation it transpires that Henry has inadvertently picked up the wrong briefcase on the underground and as a result is now three quarters of a million pounds richer! Things are further complicated by the introduction of friends Betty and Vic, two policemen from independent sources, a passer-by and a local cabby! As the plot thickens, the question remains! Can the four friends make it to Barcelona with their ill-gotten gains?


Written by Ray Cooney

Directed by Ian Dickens and Giles Watling


Jean Perkins – Sally Ann Matthews 

Henry Perkins – David Callister 

Bill – Terry O’Sullivan

Davenport – Chris Ellison

Slater – John Altman

Betty Johnson – Vicki Michelle

Vic Johnson – Peter Blake

Passer-By – Aaron Bixley

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