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Brief Synopsis

This hugely popular series was originally primarily based around the Sugden family and their family run farm. Over time the storylines have evolved to encompass the entire population of the small Yorkshire Dale village community of Emmerdale opening up a plethora of opportunity for the scriptwriters in regard to murder plots, plus all manner of disasters, tragedies and ground breaking storylines. Multi-award-winning and cutting edge, Vicki joined the cast in 2007 as Patricia Foster, mother of Jonny, in a storyline that saw the series become the first soap to approach the topic of civil partnerships.

Patricia first arrives in the village to meet her son, Jonny’s fiancé Paul and his family. The electrically charged meeting leads to a battle of wits between Patricia and Paul’s estranged mum, Val in which Patricia also sends everyone reeling with her talk of grandchildren and seduces Paul’s father. She returns to the village on a number of occasions over the next three years most notably for the civil partnership ceremony, the later failure of the relationship and to initiate a reconciliation between the two young men.


Role Patricia Foster 

Stunningly attractive, flamboyant, determined and a real live wire, Patricia is a force to be reckoned with. 

Directors Include

Tom Poole, Alan Wareing and Henry Foster

Cast includes

Charley Hardwicke, Patrick Mower, Richard Grieve and Mathew Bose

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