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Brief Synopsis

This long-running daytime series Doctors first took to the airwaves in the spring of 2000 and traces the exploits of the staff and their families working in a doctor’s surgery set in the fictional Midlands town of Leatherbridge. Multi award-winning, the show maintains it’s popularity by combining the continuity of regular characters long-running story lines with that of guest star appearances with shorter term plots. 

The episode Whip Hand saw Vicki make her first appearance on the programme as the 50 something, controlling, determined Penny Lester, a local charity shop owner and leader of the surgery’s walking group. A divorcee and alone in the world, her attitude is very much ‘if you want it, go and get it’! And if that includes Reggie, the married owner of the shop next door, so be it! She knows he wants her; he just needs a little nudge that’s all. So dressed to kill, she plans an assignation but will the course of true love run smooth or will they be discovered? And has Penny fully assessed the competition, ie Reggie’s wife Rita? 


Dan Wilson

Cast includes

Joining Vicki as guest stars in the episode were David Ross as Reggie Prentice and Madeline Smith as his wife Rita.

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